DCrypt - Encryption/Decryption application for Android

Released my "so called first" android application DCrypt today :) 

It is a simple android application for encryption and decryption of files using passphrase. Supported API levels are in the range 10 (min) and 17 (max).

To encrypt a file, what we need is to share the file to "DCrypt" and enter a passphrase. To decrypt the file, we have to share the encrypted file to the application and enter the passphrase. Obviously the passphrase for encryption and decryption should be the same.
Note that the file shredding is disabled by default. That means the original file won't be deleted even if you encrypt it. 
To enable file shredding, go to Settings-> Enable Shredding.

Please use the following e-mail id to report bugs if any: 

Suggestions are most welcome :)

P.S: Detailed information about the application will be posted later!

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