CryptIt - An Android Application For Encryption And Decryption Of Files

Published my android application in Google Play Store today. You can download it from here...


"CryptIt" is an application for encryption and decryption of files.
It is based on the "blowfish" algorithm. 
The security of encryption depends on the algorithm and the strength of the password used. 
[IMPORTANT: If you forget the password used for encryption, there is no way by which you can get your files back.]
The password is NOT stored in any form, anywhere. It is just discarded after the operation. 
* So, it is your responsibility to keep track of the password(s) used for encryption. *
*** Features ***
* Simple password based encryption and decryption.
* In-built file chooser.
* Directory selection is supported.
* Using third party file managers, you can choose files and share to (or send to) CryptIt for encryption/decryption.
*** Disclaimer ***
CryptIt does not violate your privacy in any manner. It uses the network (Internet) only for mobile ads.


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